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Stainless Steel Dive Watches – Pride In Every Piece

Stainless Steel Dive Watches – Pride In Every Piece

Looking for a men’s watch that’s up for a long day at work or a weekend in the water? You have found it here in Môntrčk's stainless steel dive watches. Every watch in our 12-piece premier collection is constructed of the best quality materials on the market, including superior 316L stainless steel. We offer an Exclusive 10 Year Warranty on each and every one of our men’s diver watches. To ensure that this warranty is simply for your peace of mind and not because we anticipate you’ll need it, we insist that our stainless steel dive watches be made to our discerning standards. How high are our standards? High enough that we couldn’t find a dive watch that satisfied them, so we had to start a company and make our own!

As much as your Môntrčk will soon feel like an extension of your body, similar to a wedding ring or pair of glasses, due to its oversized nature and weight, you will also be keenly aware of it. Of course you won’t be alone in this; others are sure to notice your watch as well. But this ‘awareness’ if you will is far from a negative. It is an indicator of substantial strength, style, and pride. Think an object can’t be prideful? A Môntrčk watch will make you think again! Much like you can taste the love a truly great chef puts into each meal they prepare, you can sense the joy and accomplishment we include in each of our stainless steel dive watches. To some people, a watch is a watch, and a company just a job. It was more than that to us before we even saw the first prototype, and it always will be.

We are proud to offer our collection of stainless steel dive watches at several premier locations, including Barneys New York on Madison Avenue, Charles Patrick Jewelers on Broadway, Sydel & Sydel in Chicago, and World Lux in Seattle. There are also several jewelers in California who carry Môntrčk, as well as locations in North Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Colorado. We are confident that once you have a chance to see, feel, and wear a Môntrčk, there will simply be no other choice! And if you aren’t able to visit one of the jewelry stores that offer Môntrčk, we encourage you to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter with any questions you might have, or to call us at 888-597-8463.

We appreciate that a watch is more than just a watch, and that an investment in one of our stainless steel dive watches is exactly that – an investment. We want you to feel confident in your decision, and will be happy to help you find the best watch for you in our collection. After all, you’re going to be wearing it for a very long time!

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