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The Men’s Oversized Watch – Making A Smart Style Statement, Time After Time

The Men’s Oversized Watch – Making A Smart Style Statement, Time After Time

In a very general way, it is usually our style preferences and lifestyle that dictate what we wear and when we wear it. Our lifestyle is made up of everything from the jobs we work to the activities we enjoy and the pets we share a home with. For example, when you have big dogs that love you as much as they love shedding and running through the mud, you learn to stop wearing light-colored pants!

Our style preferences are shaped by any number of things, including associations that we carry over from all the corners of our lives. For example, if your favorite uncle always wore jackets with suede elbow patches, chances are you’ll like those jackets forever. I don’t think it’s just our history and lifestyle that shapes what we like, however. Sometimes I think it just is what it is. My favorite watch to wear is a Men’s Oversized Watch, and I don’t have any memories associated with them. I just like them. In fact, I like them so much, I started a company that creates them. Good thing I got over my childhood obsession with monsters!

But apart from simply preferring the look of men’s oversized watches, there are other reasons our customers have shared for leaning toward large. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons…

They Have Large Wrists and Hands

This reason seems simple enough. Large wrists + large hands = Men’s Oversized Watches look better. So much of fashion is about scale, and wearing patterns and pieces that make sense for your body. As such, many men with larger wrists and hands find that smaller watches just don’t work well for them, while men’s oversized watches fit better, feel better, and quite simply, look great.

They Have Small Wrists and Hands

We were a bit confused by this reason until a customer showed us that his logic made perfect sense. Men and women come in all shapes and sizes, but accessories are typically sized based on an average. Most women’s necklaces are 16-18” in length as this is the ideal for most women. Most men’s pants have a 30-32” inseam as this is the ideal for most men. But of course there are women who need shorter or longer necklaces, and men who need shorter or longer pants. But pants and necklaces are a lot easier to customize than men’s watches.

Men who have small wrists and hands, but want a stylish watch that makes a good impression, often turn to Men’s Oversized Watches as they don’t look as large on them as a standard watch does. This can be a little tricky to understand, but the idea is that everyone is aware of what the norm looks like. We see average-sized watches on men every day, and our brains don’t really give their size a second thought. However, we would notice if that watch looked a bit too small or too big on someone. It’s this deviation from the norm that makes it stand out, and while there are tons of great reasons and ways to stand out, most people don’t want to be noticed for their small hands.

The problem is eliminated by wearing one of Môntrčk’s Men’s Oversized Watches. It is obvious at first glance that these are watches designed to make an impact, and are larger in size than average. As such, they look oversized on men with smaller wrists and hands as well as men with average-sized wrists and hands. So, smaller wrists and hands aren’t as noticeable as such when an oversized watch is worn. Sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that make the most sense!

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