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Môntrčk Watches Presents: Tips For Caring For Your Pro Diver Watch

Môntrčk Watches Presents: Tips For Caring For Your Pro Diver Watch

Are you the lucky new owner of a pro diver watch, or just looking for some ways to better care for the watch or watches you’ve collected over the years? We put together a simple but important list of tips to help you make the most of your diving watch and keep it in top condition for many years to come. Like most investment pieces, be it a watch, car, or even a fine pair of eyeglasses or piece of furniture, a little care can go a long way to keeping it looking as amazing as it did the day you bought it. As an added bonus, we have also found that time spent caring for the items we buy – treating them properly and really taking notice for their fine mechanics and features – results in a stronger appreciation for them.

We’ve said it before and we’ll surely say it again and again; we are believers in quality over quantity. I’d much prefer to have one pro diver watch in my collection that I really love than 10 that I can take or leave without much thought. And I’ll also rather take a few minutes here and there to care for the things I’m lucky enough to have than let something fall apart from neglect. We know we’re among good company, and that if you weren’t invested in your own purchases you wouldn’t even be reading this! So without further ado…a few simple, smart tips for treating your pro diver watch right…

   1. Don’t forget to rinse. Your stainless steel Môntrčk pro diver watch is designed to resist corrosion from salt water and chlorine, but its best to rinse your watch with fresh water after a dive or even a dip in the pool. Salt and chlorine are powerful corrosives, and even the best quality dive watches can suffer from their effects over time. Don’t subject your investment to unnecessary risk of damage. Give it a quick but thorough rinse, paying attention to the bracelet as well if you have a bracelet watch. Sand can get caught between links and be not only bad for the watch, but irritating to your skin as well.

   2. Pay extra attention to the bezel and crown when cleaning. Môntrčk diving watches feature a uni-directional turning bezel, as is common. Give this bezel a turn following the rinse to be sure there is no sand or grime trapped. Also loosen the screw-down crown a bit to ensure there is no dirt hiding there. If there is a stubborn patch of debris, simply wipe it away with a tissue or cotton swab moistened with fresh water.

   3. Always dry your watch. Avoid the temptation to give it a rinse and leave it to dry on a washcloth. While this isn’t the worst thing you can do once in awhile, taking the time to dry it is not only better for the watch, but also lets you notice any potential damage as soon as it happens. After rinsing, dry your pro diver watch with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth. I prefer to use a microfiber cloth that I keep in a plastic tube to ensure it doesn’t get dusty or dirty between uses.

   4. When not wearing your watch, keep it cleaner and safer by storing it in a jewelry box or tray, or a watch winder box. A watch winder will also help to keep your automatic watch ready to wear if you don’t wear it every day.

   5. Even if your watch hasn’t enjoyed an underwater adventure for quite some time, if you’ve been wearing it regularly, it likely could benefit from a freshening up. Sweat, cologne, moisturizers, dust and dirt can accumulate, and a gentle washing with soap, clean water, and a soft toothbrush can be all it takes to get your pro diver watch looking great again. You should always take care not to expose your watch to anything you don’t have to – sweat is going to happen no matter what, but try to avoid applying cologne to your wrists, or moisturizer directly where your watch will rest.

   6. Give your watch the spa treatment once a year or so. For as much as I know about watches, and as careful as I am to keep mine clean and protected, I know a watch specialist can and will do a much better job than me at cleaning. Once a year or so I treat my watch to the royal treatment and let a skilled professional get at all the nooks and crannies. My wife takes her engagement ring for a professional cleaning twice a year – once in June and once in December. She graciously takes my watch as well in December so we can both have shiny jewelry for Christmas!

   7. The last tip is the most important, and the easiest – enjoy your pro diver watch. Whether you’re wearing it on a dive, or out to dinner with the family, appreciate its style and dedication to keeping you on time.

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