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A Môntrčk Stainless Deep Diver Watch: Fashion Meets Function Meets Affordable

A Môntrčk Stainless Deep Diver Watch: Fashion Meets Function Meets Affordable

Looking for a watch that will look as amazing years from now as it does today? Do you also want it to function as flawlessly then as now, and to be covered by a 10 Year Warranty if it doesn’t? Then you’re looking for a Môntrčk Stainless Deep Diver Watch. In creating our classic yet current collection of 12 designer diver watches, we spent many hours at the drawing board ensuring that each watch was packed not only with the features important for every swimmer and diver, but also the look, feel and appeal for every man, be he a deep sea diver or an accountant!

Fashion: While it is true that for many things in life we have to forego style for substance, such is not the case with a Môntrčk stainless steel deep diver watch. You can have your 1000 meters deep water resistance and enjoy wearing it, too. For our bold collection of watches, we considered the necessary components and designed with them in mind. We didn’t look for a way to mask the helium release valve or screw down crown; we crafted diver watches that celebrate these features in balance. The overall aesthetic of any watch – or anything, really – is in that word…balance. The notion of balance is often overlooked by designers, and the evidence is often obvious. Môntrčk watches are unapologetic about their dimensions; they are, after all, intentionally oversized, and it is this oversized style that keeps customers coming back. However, just like people can look either sloppy or polished at any size, so can a watch. And Môntrčk watches are most definitely polished.

Function: Each Môntrčk Stainless Deep Diver Watch is crafted from 316L stainless steel, a low carbon grade of stainless steel that is popular in the manufacture of jewelry and watches. This grade of steel will not oxidize, and importantly, can be refinished if necessary. We anticipate you’ll be wearing your Môntrčk stainless deep diver watch for many years, and this ease of refinishing will help you keep it looking fresh and new. Nobody has to know your watch has battled the normal wear and tear any watch would – let them think you buy a new one every few years!

Affordable: We don’t pretend to be a manufacturer of cheap watches. We know that the majority of people shopping our collection of stainless deep diver watches do not consider our prices pocket change. And to be honest, neither do we. We do, however, consider our prices to be reasonable and affordable when all is considered, from the superior materials used in crafting our watches, to the time invested in making sure everything is exactly as it should be from the start. While we do offer an Exclusive 10 Year Warranty against any manufacturing defects, we don’t anticipate you’ll have to use it. Quality is at the foundation of every Stainless Deep Diver Watch we make, and that end quality is made possible by working with the finest materials, best craftsmen, and smartest designs.

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