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Men’s High End Watches – An Everyday Luxury For Our Times

Men’s High End Watches – An Everyday Luxury For Our Times

In a time when many of us are cutting back on excess spending, myself included, it might be imagined that we are disappointed or even depressed with our lives of less. And to be honest, at first I was. I had grown accustomed to buying little luxuries, from a $5 coffee to an expensive round of golf, with little more than a second thought that was truly only a second long. Recognizing that this way of thinking and spending could cost me a lot more than just cash in the long run brought changes I really didn’t want to make. I have worked hard to live this dream, and I didn’t want to wake up. But wake up I did, and I’ve been waking up to a lot of things since then. And I have to say – for as great as dreaming is, being awake is kind of awesome, too!

My ‘awakened’ wardrobe of clothing, accessories and products still includes the following items: Men’s High End Watches, Italian leather shoes, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver cologne, cashmere socks, and Zirh cleanser and moisturizer, just to name a few favorites. What is doesn’t contain includes the following items: shirts I bought just because they were on sale and never wore, countless bottles of cologne I purchased on a whim and didn’t really care for once I got them home and actually smelled them, and off brand cleanser and moisturizer I thought might save me money, but instead ended up amounting to wasted money as the harsh ingredients and overpowering scents made them impractical for the well-being of my skin. In essence, I get to enjoy the things that truly enhance my life because I’ve stopped buying the things I don’t need in the first place. Who knew High End Men’s Watches could be such an economical investment? To be fair, we did.

Môntrčk Watches was born from the desire to create Men’s High End Watches that brought more features and higher quality than the competition at a lower price. We never set out to create men’s watches that would qualify as ‘cheap’, as this simply wasn’t an attainable goal with the materials we use and the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into each piece. However, while ‘cheap’ was off the table, we strived to be ‘affordable’. And in the world of men’s high end watches, we are proud that we have maintained true to our goal and accomplished just that. We understand that ‘affordable’ is a relative term, but when comparing our men’s watches side by side with comparable competition, we’re confident you’ll be surprised by how much they offer for so much less money. And importantly, they look great doing it. The fusion of function and fashion is important to us as well. We’ve never designed a watch we wouldn’t enjoy wearing every day ourselves, and we never will.

Think Men’s High End Watches aren’t an option for you? For some people, they may not be. I recognize that despite the cutbacks I have made in my life, I am still among the lucky people who haven’t had to sacrifice nearly as much as others in the current economy. However, if a men’s high end watch is as important to you as it is to me, I encourage you to consider all the little things you spend money on every day that may not bring you the same satisfaction a luxury timepiece like a Môntrčk watch will bring.

You might be surprised by the obvious corners you can cut, whether it’s cancelling a premium television channel subscription you never really watch, scaling back on expensive lunches you can’t fully enjoy in the hour allotted, or simply asking yourself if you really need something you’d usually buy impulsively before you break out the credit card. After saving for just a few months, you’re likely to be shocked by how much you’ve saved so quickly, and how many more hours in the day you have now that you aren’t spending them shopping for things you don’t need. Also, like me, you may get a greater sense of appreciation for the things in your life you really do want.

Opening my closet is much easier, and more attractive, now that I’ve donated my excess clothing to charity. Cleaning my home office is faster now that I’ve stopped filling it with random whatnots I picked up on every trip to the office supply store. If you told me years ago I would be a believer in ‘Less is More’, I surely would have thought you crazy. But it’s me who’s crazy now. Crazy about my Men’s High End Watches, crazy about my buttery Italian leather shoes, and crazy about how my wife appreciatively smells my cologne each morning before I leave for work. This is a crazy I can definitely live with!

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