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Taking A Closer Look At What Makes An Automatic Diver Watch Tick

Taking A Closer Look At What Makes An Automatic Diver Watch Tick

While the majority of men who wear our Automatic Diver Watches are watch aficionados who know the ins and outs of every feature, there are some who are drawn to our men’s watch collection based on style appeal alone, and aren’t familiar with all the specifics. If you are new to the world of watches and want a short lesson on what makes your Automatic Diver Watch just that, read on! And if you would like any additional information, please reach out to us at 888-597-8463. We’d love to talk watch with you!

What Makes An Automatic Diver Watch “Automatic”?

Inside each Môntrčk men’s watch is a mainspring, which is wound by your arm’s natural movements. No need for arm exercises or shaking your wrists – the normal, everyday motions we are almost constantly making throughout the course of the day are enough to provide power to your Automatic Diver Watch for 2 days. If you’re wearing your watch every day, your mainspring will always be tightly wound enough to keep accurately telling time. If you aren’t wearing it every day, you can either wind it by hand before you wear it next, or employ the use of a watch winder between wears.

Each Of Your Automatic Diver Watches Is Water Resistant To 1000 Meters. Is That Standard?

In short; no. In fact, our men’s diver watches are water resistant to depths that have been reached by few divers. So why set such a high standard of water resistance? Are we future proofing our watches for a time when such depths may become standard for divers? While we would love for 1000 meter dives to be routine, the driving force behind designing our Automatic Diver Watches to be water resistant at such great depths was one of ensuring top quality. The greater the depth at which a diver watch can remain water resistant, the longer it can remain water resistant at shorter depths.

What Is The Purpose Of The Helium Release Valve?

If you are wearing your Môntrčk Automatic Diver Watch as an everyday accessory and never taking it any deeper than the pool at the country club or the local lake, you’ll never use the helium release valve on your watch. However, if you will be wearing your watch at great depths, this valve is designed to be a watch-saver. At substantial depths, helium molecules from the breathing gas (trimix) that divers are using can sneak inside your watch.

Helium molecules are extremely small, second in smallest stature only to hydrogen, and the effect caused by these miniscule molecules working their way into your watch can be quite damaging. A common side-effect of the excess pressure placed on your watch while rising from a great depth is that the sapphire crystal will pop off. The helium release valve built into every Môntrčk diver watch will prevent that from happening. Simple…smart…science!

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