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Scuba Diver Watch – Reliable, Refined, Ready For The Reef!

Scuba Diver Watch – Reliable, Refined, Ready For The Reef!

Getting ready to embark on a diving vacation brings feelings similar to those I felt when packing for family vacations as a kid. I can barely contain my smile as I add board shorts, beach towels, sun block, and an extra scuba diver watch or two to my bag! I can’t testify to the feeling of divers who live near the water and can hit the ocean every weekend, but for me absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Every dive is more enjoyable than the last, and I treasure each adventure more as my family and I grow more experienced and excited to check out new spots, and revisit favorites.

When the whole family will be joining in on the diving fun, there are more dive supplies to bring along then I ever would have imagined when I was young and single. But something I didn’t get to experience when I was young and single is the way my daughter’s face lit up when she spied her first suit. I didn’t get to laugh when my son asked if his scuba diver watch looked even bigger on his kid-sized arm than it did on mine. To a stranger, it likely looked purely comical, but to me it was a heartwarming moment. Not only am I lucky enough to have a beautiful, healthy and happy family, but a family that is excited and eager to let mine and my wife’s interests become their own. Seeing my children all suited up for their first dive wearing the scuba diver watches my own company crafted was a Kodak moment I’ll never forget. Wherever my love of diving takes me, I get to enjoy it with the coolest people I know!

If you want to enjoy the camaraderie of a group dive but don’t have a partner or family that shares your interest, consider your network of friends. With most of using sites like Facebook and Twitter, our social circle is larger than ever. A simple update like, “Anyone out there like to go scuba diving, or want to try it out for the first time?”, can generate interest from people you may have never even considered. I can’t even count the times I’ve been introduced to new movies, television shows and music through friends’ Facebook updates. Use social networks for all they’re worth, and make the most of your life! Who knows; you single guys and gals may even strike up a new romance and be buying a dive watch for the new lady or fella in your life by Christmas. Currently, the Môntrčk collection of scuba diver watches is a men’s watch lineup, but I know several women who wear them and wear them well!

There is no single piece of dive equipment that can perform optimally on its own – they all work together to keep a diver safe, comfortable, and prepared. Pressed for an answer on most important, I would have to go with the dive tank! But as important as the dive tank is, I can’t say it’s my favorite element of dive gear. I don’t marvel at its style, wear it every day, or show it off proudly to friends. And I certainly don’t shower with it or let it spend the night in my room! No, the only piece of dive gear that gets that special treatment is my scuba diver watch, and I think that’s likely the way it will always be.

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