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The Men’s Water Resistant Watch – Designed For Divers, Appealing To Every Man

The Men’s Water Resistant Watch – Designed For Divers, Appealing To Every Man

While it’s true that every Môntrčk watch in our collection was built with divers in mind, possessing an incredible level of water resistance up to 1000 meters deep, we find that many of our customers aren’t divers at all. Businessmen tend to lean toward our Stainless Steel Diver Watches, men in industries that are a bit more casual in dress toward our Round Diver Watch with a black rubber strap. While it’s true that these construction company owners, attorneys and teachers may indeed take some time away from work to swim, scuba or deep sea dive, they are primarily wearing their watches as an everyday timepiece. And we couldn’t be happier! We like knowing that we provide them with a Men’s Water Resistant Watch that is able to be a warrior in the water, but that is also attractive and easy to wear with anything.

In our 12-piece premier collection of men’s water resistant watches, we worked hard to cover all the details someone might consider most important in making their decision. Let’s take a closer look at what makes a Môntrčk Men’s Water Resistant Watch such a smart choice…

1. It goes without saying that water resistance is an important feature! And, as we mentioned above, each of our diver watches brings a water resistance up to 1000 meters. From the swimming pool to the Pacific Ocean, your Môntrčk is ready to follow you wherever you go.

2. An Exclusive 10 Year Warranty against any manufacturer defects. We stand behind each men’s water resistant watch we make, and are confident we are crafting some of the finest watches available anywhere at any price. We want you to be confident as well. We can afford to offer a 10 year warranty because we don’t anticipate you’ll ever have to take us up on it. And if you do, we’ll be more than happy to honor it. The satisfaction of the men and women who wear our watches is the backbone of our company. We may not be the largest manufacturer of watches, but we pride ourselves on being one of the best.

3. A variety of looks, shapes, sizes, and straps. We wanted our collection to be decidedly ‘Môntrčk’, but we didn’t want to craft 12 diver watches that were near mirror images of each other. We considered the individual aesthetic features that matter most to us when we look at watches. We wanted to ensure that customers looking for a Men’s Water Resistant Watch never had to sacrifice any features to get the look they loved – so we packed the same quality features into every watch so that wouldn’t happen. For straps, we offer stainless steel bracelet styles, PVD coated stainless steel bracelets, leather, rubber, and even rubber with stainless steel accents. None of our watches would be considered small, with each design being commanding in a different way, but generally speaking our World Time Watches are more modestly-sized, our Round Diver Watches hold strong in the middle, and our Square Diver Watches are boldest of the bold. The primary colors for our watches are black and silver (both stainless steel), with white and/or orange accenting.

Not sure which of our Men’s Water Resistant Watches is best for you and the places you’ll be wearing it most? Please feel free to call us for more information at 888-597-8463, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter. You can also find the Môntrčk collection of diver watches at several Fine Retailers if you’d prefer to see and feel our line.

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