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1000m Divers Watch: The Gold Standard of Water Resistance

1000m Divers Watch: The Gold Standard of Water Resistance

Many of the people we have the pleasure of meeting and talking with that work in our industry, or shop within our industry, are not frequent deep sea divers, or frequent divers at all. Some have never experienced saturation diving, and admit that they may indeed never experience it. However, they also admit that should the opportunity present itself, they want to be sure they have the right equipment to take advantage of it. And one aspect of that equipment is a 1000m Divers Watch.

I am the type of person who prefers to buy one high-quality item that satisfies as many individual needs as possible. I understand that my chances of finding a car that’s also a plane and a boat are fairly slim, but whenever I can I’ll take a multi-talented purchase over a simpler one. A great example of this is my cell phone. My cell phone features crisp, clear sound quality for conversations, a large screen that’s ideal for browsing the web or sending a quick email, a touch screen for most functions, but an easier-to-use traditional keypad for typing, superior picture quality and a MicroSD card slot, which allows me not only to use my cell phone as a high-quality camera, but also add extra memory to hold those snapshots. Having one item that performs all these functions and many more means I can get through my day, and my life, with less to carry, less to worry about keeping charged, less to worry about getting damaged, and importantly, less to buy in the first place! It also means I can spend more money on the one item and get better quality than I would have if I spent that same money on several lower-quality items that only do one thing, and don’t do it that well.

A similar logic can apply to the purchase of a Môntrčk 1000m Divers Watch; even if you don’t foresee the opportunity for scuba diving or saturation (mixed-gas) diving on the near horizon, it just might be. Life has a way of bringing along some unexpected surprises sometimes, and if a sure-to-be-unforgettable dive is among them, you’ll have the 1000m divers watch you need on your wrist and ready to hit the water!

In addition to being 1000m divers watches, our watches are also everyday watches that you can wear with just about anything. In the interest of producing a multi-talented product as we mentioned above, we crafted a collection with designs to suit every man’s style, from the funky and fresh feel of our Môntrčk Men’s Black Diver Watch, with an oversized square face and rubber/metal strap, to the quieter, more understated luxury of our Stainless Steel Round Diver Watch. Each brings the best quality in construction and features, and of course, is a 1000m Divers Watch. As they say in football, ‘Go Deep’!

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