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The Stainless Automatic Watch: The Ultimate In Quality And Hassle-Free Wear

The Stainless Automatic Watch: The Ultimate In Quality And Hassle-Free Wear

I have a very nice watch that was given to me as a gift many years ago. Long before Môntrčk Watches was born, long before my children were born, a close friend gifted me this watch that I will forever keep in my collection. And while it will always be in my jewelry tray, it will rarely be on my wrist. You might be thinking this is because I wear a Môntrčk watch every day, and for the most part, that is true. But if this gifted watch was as easy to wear as my Môntrčk stainless automatic watch, I would surely integrate it into the rotation and give it a fair share of wears as well. But…it isn’t. And for all the hassles that are non-negotiable every day, I don’t want to welcome any optional ones.

What makes my stainless automatic watch so different? For one, the fact that it’s automatic! The watch from my friend requires a battery, which it seems to run through rather quickly. While I know my way around changing the battery on a watch, I’m not as skilled at remembering to do so. When my watch says 3pm and the sun is setting, I figure out that yet again the battery has failed me. Sure, I know it’s not really 3pm, there’s a clock on my computer, my cell phone, my dashboard, etc. But when the primary function of an item is to tell time correctly and it doesn’t, it’s frustrating. This is in part my fault as I’m the one forgetting to change the battery, but I never forget to move my wrists throughout the day! Not only does that keep me on time all the time when I’m wearing a stainless automatic watch, but it saves me the trouble and expense of replacing batteries. It’s also more environmentally-friendly, which is always a plus.

What else makes my stainless automatic watch so different? For two, the fact that it’s stainless! Stainless steel is a truly superior metal in so many ways. It requires very little maintenance, is resistant to corrosion, and is easily and effectively cleaned without harsh chemicals that are bad for both us and the environment. The stainless steel itself is also healthier for us and the environment than many materials, including plastics. And while stainless steel is nearly indestructible, it is completely recyclable. In addition, it is also unlikely that you’ll experience an allergic reaction to stainless steel. I unfortunately can’t say the same for the nickel-rich band on the watch my friend gave me. And as annoying as it might be to change the watch battery, it’s the negative reaction to nickel that keeps the gifted watch in my jewelry tray, only to be worn when my friend and I catch up over coffee.

If you have a watch in your collection that you love primarily for its sentimentality, even though it might be made of plastic and eats batteries for breakfast, don’t let anyone tell you to get rid of it. Those aren’t the kind of things that can be replaced in our hearts. However, they’re precisely the things that can be replaced on our wrists with stainless automatic watches!

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