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“You’re not gonna pick up any girls wearin’ a digital watch”

TCharlie-Jakehat’s what Charlie Harper said to his nephew Jake Harper anyway.  And you know what, I think he’s right.  With all deference to digital watches and as an owner of an original Pulsar digital watch, I just don’t think a digital watch cuts it with the women.  If you are in the market for a watch that is a conversation piece at Ridiculously Low Holiday Pricing, then take a look at the Môntrèk CR-1 Chronographs.  This Special Offer will only last with our current supply so head on over to to take advantage … let the insanity begin :-) !!!!!

Luxury Watches = Corruption … in China anyway

ChinaA Chinese activist has uncovered a sure fire method of rooting out those corrupt government drones.  He takes pictures of the watches they are wearing.  So what’s the fuss ?  Well, apparently some of the photos that have been floating around by way of the Chinese version of Twitter and a 42 page PowerPoint show officials wearing watches that two or three times their annual salary.  Hmmmmmm … something does sound rotten in Denmark … err, China :-) LOL.  I am sure it will come as no surprise to you that this activist’s activity has been censored in that bastion of free speech called China.  I wonder if this would be a way to reduce the budget in the good ol’ USA … let’s start photographing watches being worn by government employees and see what we can come up with.  In any event,  if you would like more information on this matter go here.

We need more parishioners

Church-PeweesLabor Day weekend in the “States” and I am catching up on a stack of magazines.  I saw an editorial comment regarding the subject of the USA being a “mature” market for “fine” watches.  The editorial went on to say that it was really the industry’s doing (I will avoid the word “fault”) that this was the case as the major “fine” brands focus so heavily on a relatively small market of watch enthusiasts.  Understandably it takes the ability to make a financial commitment to fall into the category of watch enthusiasts as described in this article, but as much as I agree with the premises, I do disagree with the intent.  It seems that this popular watch enthusiasts magazine has defined the matter from the point of view of VERY expensive brands that are affordable by only a relative few.  So what about the rest of us … I guess we are destined to be watch industry cast offs and perhaps not even allowed to wear a watch because we cannot meet the financial criteria.  Fortunately, as usual, the “fine” watch industry missies the “proving ground” for many of their customers.  You can still be a “collector” and not spend an arm and a leg as many stores, brands, and shows like ShopNBC have proven.  And I’ll bet many of these collectors eventually make a purchase of one of those “fine” watch brands that have ignored them.  Dear “fine” watch brands don’t keep looking down at us … you are welcome that we are doing your job for you … we are developing the new parishioners !!!

Francois-Henry Bennahmias, you are my hero

Francois3In case you don’t know, Mr. Bennahmias is the CEO of Audemars Piguet in the Americas.  I was reading an interview with him in the 9/2011 issue of International Watch and he was asked about the “challenges facing the watch industry”.  He stated that “Quality and repairs will be the biggest challenges … to fix them (watches) in an acceptable time.”  He goes on to say that if the expectations of the watch industry were compared with other industries like the automobile, the watch industry would get “crushed (his word)”.  Can you imagine taking your car in for repair or just a regular service and being told it would be months before you could have it back ?  You would flip out !!! But that is the standard in the watch industry.  While we are surely not up there with the big boys like Francois-Henry (I’m on a first name basis now :-) LOL), we at Môntrèk take this VERY seriously.  Turnaround on the few repairs we see are fast and we back that up with our Exclusive Môntrèk 10 Year Warranty.  I always like when someone in the industry will call it like it is … thanks Mr. Bennahmias.

Won’t Get Fooled Again

Scott-RothsteinBefore you read the rest of this post, turn up the volume on your computer and click on this link:  The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again.  OK, now that I have set the mood let’s talk about Scott Rothstein.  You don’t know who Scott Rothstein is ?  Well let me put it to you this way … Bernie Madoff was his idol.  If Madoff was the king of ponzi schemers then Rothstein is at least the court jester.  And while Rothstein was know to have ripped off enough people to even have a gold toilet seat in his house (I guess the court jester was actually king of his own throne :-) LOL), he apparently had exquisite taste in his almost 200 piece watch collection (check out the accompanying picture) which will all be put up for auction.  So now it is your opportunity to take advantage of the ponzi schemer.  However, if these watches are out of your financial league, as they are out of mine … you may want to start here.


“Men Will Be Earning Their Stripes This Summer”

StripesI am not renowned for my sartorial splendor :-) LOL but I thought this article by Jessica Michault was interesting. It seems that one of the upcoming trends for men this season is “Pajama Stripes”. The best way to describe this is a wide “flopsy mopsy” style stripe. Of course if you look at these pictures it will all make sense. Personally, I am a big fan of stripes … they are the men’s equivalent of women’s high heels. “Huh ?” you are probably thinking with your nose are screwed up. Really, men’s stripes and women’s high heels are like and instant 5 to 10 pound diet (of course only if you need one :-) LOL) by creating a more streamlined look to your body. But I digress :-) … so for fashion and style info of all kinds, don’t be afraid to peruse Jessica’s website. And if you are looking for style accessories for any outfit or occasion, click here.

The Land of the Rising Sun

Surely you have noted that I stick to watches in these blog posts … no religion or politics. That is not to say that I don’t have opinions on those matters but rather that the watch community is so vast and heterogeneous that any discussions of that nature are better off left to the pundits. But occasionally there is an event that is so Brobdingnagian and cuts across all thought and opinion that to not comment is inhumane. Such is the disaster that has befallen Japan. It is almost unfathomable to me to understand the scope of the tragedy that has befallen this country. A magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a cataclysmic tsunami compounded by the possibility of a nuclear disaster at worst and a radiation problem at best makes many other problems that our world faces pale in comparison. With all that said, my hope is that the resiliency of the people of Japan combined with the effort of all of us around the world will help restore this country. But just in case you thought I forgot about the reason I am here, take a look Anna Marienko’s Japan Tribute Clock.

I’m just sayin’

We are NOT welocme :-(

We are NOT welocme :-(

I was just reading about the International Salon of High Horology show (SIHH) … that’s because I wasn’t invited :-)LOL. In any event, it seems that above and beyond the exquisite time pieces, the most important part about this show is that it is “closed-to-the-public”. That’s right … you and I cannot even sneak a peak even though we are footing the bill. I realize that most of us are never going to own a watch that is shown at these “exclusive” types of events but we do support the factories that make these exclusive timepieces by purchasing their “less expensive” product … so don’t you think we could be permitted to rub elbows and dream at such an event ? Really … No REALLY … I understand that there are security concerns and they don’t want all “tire kickers” but this is just what turns people off about the watch business. Many other industries conclude their shows with a day or at least a few hours “open to the public”. I don’t think the SIHH is dealing with national security ? Maybe the “hoity-toity” just can’t stand being around the “hoi polloi” like you and me … I’m just sayin’.

C’mon “big boys”, put your money where your mouth is

International-WatchI gotta tell ya, some things are just so simple it belies taking too much time to think about.  I just read an editorial comment in International Watch magazine by Gary Girdvainis, Editor-in-Chief.  In reference to VERY expensive watches he wrote “When a buyer is spending the kind of money these watches demand, it is just unconscionable that they are so poorly designed, tested, and made.”  Gary, I couldn’t agree with you more.  And just for your edification, Gary is not my relative or even an acquaintance.  Gary would never even notice me if I walked by him although I might recognize him from his picture on the editorial page.  The thing is that this is really a non-issue because the solution is just so easy.  Can you imagine paying 4, 5, or 6 figures for a watch and on the 366th day the manufacturer tells you have a repair bill for hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars ?  That is just obscene !!!  I’m not sayin’ that we at Môntrèk Watches have all the answers BUT we know that WHATEVER you spend on a watch is important money.  That’s why we offer our industry exclusive 10 year warranty.  I really don’t understand why the “big boys” want to tell you how exclusive their components are and how wonderful their timepieces are when, as Gary says, “it is just unconscionable that they are so poorly designed, tested, and made.”  Môntrèk Watches … 10 year warranty … great when you buy AND after the sale … we “warranty” that … need I say more ?  I don’t think so !!!!!

“Become a Watch Expert in Seconds”

Mens-HealthIf you like to read about watches, stay up to date on what is happening in the industry, or just present yourself as a watch maven … of course, you MUST read the Môntrèk Watches Blog. Besides that being the truth, if I don’t give us a plug the Boss will be, let’s just say “unhappy” :-) LOL. But other than the Môntrèk Watches Blog, one of the best watch resources on the web is Ariel Adam’ OK, I am really not here to shill for Ariel Adams but the reason I mentioned him is because I came across this interesting article he helped write that appeared in Men’s Health, “Become a watch expert in seconds”. Now before you go off critiquing the article, if you own several watches with major complications or you have multiple winders or a winder safe built into your walk-in closet (we recommend Underwood (
London) for ANY of your winder needs by the way), this article is NOT for you. Enjoy !!!