Unique Time Pieces

Is it morning already

MuteWatchSo your alarm rings in the morning to get you up and startles “the heck” out of your … wife, husband, partner, significant other, dog, cat … who doesn’t need to be awakened in the late stages of moonlight like you do.  So you both (having chosen the most politically correct combo from the aforementioned list) start the day out grousing about the time before you have gotten your feet to the floor.  Does this sound YOUR morning ?  Well here is the solution … the Mutewatch.  This interesting bit of craftsmanship from Sweden will wake you up will a vibration on your wrist rather than the alarm clock that wakes up the whole neighborhood.  And of course you could also set the vibrating alarm to remind you of appointments during the day.  So if you must get up without disturbing the peace, this may just be the solution for you.  And a BIG thanks to bunnyBISOUS for bringing this tidbit to my attention.

Checking the Time on Your Cell Phone could be Costly

They say (I always wonder who “They” really are :-) LOL) that the cell phone is killing the watch business.  Beyond the fact of that statement not being true, here is a solution for you … if you are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or the Sheik of your country of choice.  The Celsius X VI II Papillon LeDIX is your answer … just hope no one asks you for the name of your phone … Droid or iPhone seem so much simpler.  But simplicity just is not the watchword of this uh watch or phone or watch phone or phone watch or well just look at the picture.  The “standard” edition “flip-phone” made of titanium with ebony wood inserts and a flying tourbillion watch on the cover which winds by opening and closing the phone goes for a mere $400,000.00 (no … there is no typo on all those zeros).  If you are able to even consider the Celsius X VI II Papillon LeDIX then I suggest you pair it up with the Zafirro Iridium Razor with platinum screws and sapphire blades … limited quantity of 99 for only $100,000.00.  Do I hear BIC Disposable :-) LOL.  We can dream but if you want to go in style and still be able to buy groceries, check THIS out !!!

And you thought Watches were boring ?

Erotic-WatchesLet’s face it, the watch industry is never thought of much as sensual or erotic.  Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock is the main feature on your watch.  Yes, some watches are designed to go underwater (dive watches) and some up in the sky (pilot watches) … and others are jam packed with features like day/date, tourbillions, moon phases, etc., etc.  No one that I know of has every said that a watch is sensual or erotic.  Now I know that those fancy designers will tell you all about the great “lines” of the watch but really.  When was the last time your wife/girlfriend/partner said to you “Baby, that watch really turns me on.”  I hope you are laughing as hysterically as I am (:-) ROTF LMAO).  But wait a minute … take a look at this or the picture on the right for two samples.  If you can’t tell what is going on drop me an email and I will get back to you about “The Birds and the Bees”.  Hmmmmm … while not that often, I guess a watch can be erotic :-)

Papier, Carta, 紙

No matter the language, it says “paper”.  So what does paper have to do with watches ?  Manufactures have been experimenting with all types of materials over the years to incorporate in watches including gold, silver, diamonds, and many other types of precious metals and stones including all the way to moon dust.  Of course for most of us, the more of those ingredients the less likely we will own one and for some reason that is just the way many watch manufacturers want it (that commentary is for another day :-) LOL).  But for you and me, here is a great looking watch that you can own several of without breaking the bank and yes, the main material is paper.  I don’t usually mention brands by name but in this case I suggest you go to the Patch Watchwebsite for more information and the website is pretty “awesome”, “cool”, “rad” or “groovie” depending on where you are in life :-) LOL.  Me, as you might expect … I like something a little more traditional but edgy.

The Land of the Rising Sun

Surely you have noted that I stick to watches in these blog posts … no religion or politics. That is not to say that I don’t have opinions on those matters but rather that the watch community is so vast and heterogeneous that any discussions of that nature are better off left to the pundits. But occasionally there is an event that is so Brobdingnagian and cuts across all thought and opinion that to not comment is inhumane. Such is the disaster that has befallen Japan. It is almost unfathomable to me to understand the scope of the tragedy that has befallen this country. A magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a cataclysmic tsunami compounded by the possibility of a nuclear disaster at worst and a radiation problem at best makes many other problems that our world faces pale in comparison. With all that said, my hope is that the resiliency of the people of Japan combined with the effort of all of us around the world will help restore this country. But just in case you thought I forgot about the reason I am here, take a look Anna Marienko’s Japan Tribute Clock.

10 Cutting-Edge and High-Tech Wrist Watches

Cutting-EdgeWhile I was “rummaging around” the internet, I came across this article “10 Cutting-Edge and High-Tech Wrist Watches” and thought readers might be interested. Being as all knowledgeable as we are (Ahem, Cough, Cough) about the watch industry you will note that a few of the watches in this article we have covered in earlier posts. My personal interest in the article is that it appeared on a general style website rather than a watch aficionado website. This just goes to the idea that we continually talk about … your watch – it’s not just for telling time. Your watch is equally important as a statement about who you are. So what statement are you making ? If one of the watches in this article is you, then good for you … maybe :-) LOL. Me … I like my statement to be a little more traditional with an edge.

Eat, Drink, and (no, not “be Merry”) buy a watch

I just finished washing the dishes (I won’t say how may days worth though) so I guess its poetic justice that I stumbled across this watch.  Although the watch is “different” to say the least, the watch is not the focal point here but rather the packaging.  Watch makers have always tried to make attractive packing for their watches … especially more expensive watches (whatever that means to you) have cases that enhance the watch.  For instance (Editor’s Note … shameless plug coming), the Môntrèk Diver Series comes in a box that looks like a deep sea case.  So if you look at the packaging on the watch at the left by Nooka, it looks sort of bland.  Here is the difference … the packaging is deigned to be eaten out of … yea, that’s right and it is even micro-wave safe.  It is pretty obvious that tonight’s steak won’t fit so I will leave it to your imagination.  I promise I will do better on the next post :-) LOL.

Waiting for Paint to Dry

I am sure most of us have heard someone say that they were so bored or something was taking place soooooooo slowly that it was like “waiting for paint to dry”. So let me introduce you to Andreas Sundelin Wiberg … he also has been waiting for paint to dry. The difference is what he did with the time. So let’s drop back for moment, Andreas sells boats to make a living. In his free time he plays in a band, builds motorcycles and sews. Seems like a fairly full life. Well one day while literally waiting for paint to dry on a car, Andreas decided to recycle some car parts into a wristwatch and as they say, the rest is history. Wiberg came in first among over 300 contestants and won a fashion design scholarship from the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. If you are interested in one of his designs, I have some advice … “while you are waiting for the paint to dry”, “don’t hold your breath”. From his first model in 2001 through November 2010, Wiberg has produced 14 watches. While your dreaming, maybe a Môntrèk Watch instead :-)

Even George Jetson needs to know the time

GridlockI have to admit that I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to the watches I like … check here.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate something a little different or more modern.  Take a look at the Gridlock.  I imagine the name comes from the seemingly haphazard look when you first look at the face of watch.  But once you understand how to read it, that random look quickly disappears … check out the accompanying picture.  I can also see how the unbalanced face would have appeal for many people also and the modernity of the package is accentuated with the brushed metal case and strap.  But having said all that … for me, I’m sticking with this watch as my favorite of the seven I have.

Now you see it … POOF … now you don’t

Aurora Watch

Aurora Watch

Do you want your wrist watch to be as inconspicuous as possible ?  Well I have just the watch for you, the Aurora Watch … no hands, no dial, no numbers.  I guess that would make your watch fairly inconspicuous but what about that “telling the time” part ?  Let’s face it, you just may want to do that once in a while, don’t you think ?  On the Aurora Watch that part is solved too … touch the transparent face and your red minute hand and blue hour hand will show up and hopefully you will remember what numbers go where.  If you are on your way out the door to get one of these let me just give you a few caveats.  Most importantly, this watch is still in concept so you really can’t find it.  Secondly, keep in mind that the face is transparent so YOU are the backdrop for reading this watch … that is to say, would you rather read the time off of your hairy arm or a nice carbon fiber dial :-) ?  And lastly, but extremely important, there is also this little problem of the lasers that generate the watch’s hands singeing the hair on your arm.  “Hmmmmmm, lets see what time it is … half past OUCH … ahhhh, the aroma of burnt arm hair :-) ”  What we won’t do for style … on the other hand (or wrist), if you like something a little more conventional click here.