The Rant

We need more parishioners

Church-PeweesLabor Day weekend in the “States” and I am catching up on a stack of magazines.  I saw an editorial comment regarding the subject of the USA being a “mature” market for “fine” watches.  The editorial went on to say that it was really the industry’s doing (I will avoid the word “fault”) that this was the case as the major “fine” brands focus so heavily on a relatively small market of watch enthusiasts.  Understandably it takes the ability to make a financial commitment to fall into the category of watch enthusiasts as described in this article, but as much as I agree with the premises, I do disagree with the intent.  It seems that this popular watch enthusiasts magazine has defined the matter from the point of view of VERY expensive brands that are affordable by only a relative few.  So what about the rest of us … I guess we are destined to be watch industry cast offs and perhaps not even allowed to wear a watch because we cannot meet the financial criteria.  Fortunately, as usual, the “fine” watch industry missies the “proving ground” for many of their customers.  You can still be a “collector” and not spend an arm and a leg as many stores, brands, and shows like ShopNBC have proven.  And I’ll bet many of these collectors eventually make a purchase of one of those “fine” watch brands that have ignored them.  Dear “fine” watch brands don’t keep looking down at us … you are welcome that we are doing your job for you … we are developing the new parishioners !!!

I’m just sayin’

We are NOT welocme :-(

We are NOT welocme :-(

I was just reading about the International Salon of High Horology show (SIHH) … that’s because I wasn’t invited :-)LOL. In any event, it seems that above and beyond the exquisite time pieces, the most important part about this show is that it is “closed-to-the-public”. That’s right … you and I cannot even sneak a peak even though we are footing the bill. I realize that most of us are never going to own a watch that is shown at these “exclusive” types of events but we do support the factories that make these exclusive timepieces by purchasing their “less expensive” product … so don’t you think we could be permitted to rub elbows and dream at such an event ? Really … No REALLY … I understand that there are security concerns and they don’t want all “tire kickers” but this is just what turns people off about the watch business. Many other industries conclude their shows with a day or at least a few hours “open to the public”. I don’t think the SIHH is dealing with national security ? Maybe the “hoity-toity” just can’t stand being around the “hoi polloi” like you and me … I’m just sayin’.

C’mon “big boys”, put your money where your mouth is

International-WatchI gotta tell ya, some things are just so simple it belies taking too much time to think about.  I just read an editorial comment in International Watch magazine by Gary Girdvainis, Editor-in-Chief.  In reference to VERY expensive watches he wrote “When a buyer is spending the kind of money these watches demand, it is just unconscionable that they are so poorly designed, tested, and made.”  Gary, I couldn’t agree with you more.  And just for your edification, Gary is not my relative or even an acquaintance.  Gary would never even notice me if I walked by him although I might recognize him from his picture on the editorial page.  The thing is that this is really a non-issue because the solution is just so easy.  Can you imagine paying 4, 5, or 6 figures for a watch and on the 366th day the manufacturer tells you have a repair bill for hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars ?  That is just obscene !!!  I’m not sayin’ that we at Môntrèk Watches have all the answers BUT we know that WHATEVER you spend on a watch is important money.  That’s why we offer our industry exclusive 10 year warranty.  I really don’t understand why the “big boys” want to tell you how exclusive their components are and how wonderful their timepieces are when, as Gary says, “it is just unconscionable that they are so poorly designed, tested, and made.”  Môntrèk Watches … 10 year warranty … great when you buy AND after the sale … we “warranty” that … need I say more ?  I don’t think so !!!!!

Get Off Your “High Horse” Watch Snobs

Watch-TimeOK, I’m ranting today. I just read an article in the December 2010 issue of Watch Timeentitled “The Greatest Challenge in Watchmaking” by Joe Thompson. Joe, I don’t know you from a “hill of beans” but I have to give you credit for your restraint. Me … I don’t have that quality on this matter. So what’s the hubbub ? A Swiss watch manufacturer has legally used a Japanese patent in their watches. THAT’S IT !!! No, really … that’s it. Now I might grant you that the Swiss Manufacturer central to this “controversy” could have been a little more forthcoming about the matter … but really, isn’t the objective to get the best made watch ? That’s a rhetoric question in case you are not sure. Come on now “Watch Snobs”, do you really think that your “Swiss Made” watch is entirely made in Switzerland ? If is was, most of us could never afford one and those of you think that would be fine, guess what … you couldn’t buy one either because it is the volume that allows these factories to then make the limited runs of super expensive models that you want … Economics 101. Yea, I know what you are saying … you think because I like my Môntrèk that I have an axe to grind with the Swiss. I don’t think so … I also like wearing my Omega and Jaeger. So one more time … “Watch Snobs” get off your “High Horse” and let’s give credit to companies that are using the best technology to make the finest watches with high build quality at reasonable prices that us regular guys can afford … just like Môntrèk.

Knock Off “knock-offs”

OK, I’m ranting today … I just can’t help it so try to bear with me.  Today I want to rant about “knock-off” watches, cheap imitations, copies, fakes, or whatever you want to call them.  I just don’t get it.  Now let’s not get off on the wrong foot here.  Please do NOT confuse inexpensive with cheap.  By cheap I mean that you are buying a poorly made copy of a Rolex that retails for $5,000.00 for $250.00 from a guy on a street corner in a major metropolitan area or some smarmy website on the internet.  By inexpensive I mean purchasing a watch that is built beyond what you are paying regardless of the price, like the … BEWARE, Self Promotion: Môntrèk Round Diver Watch on a Rubber Strap.  Beyond the obvious that most of the aforementioned “knock-offs” are built like crap, look cheap, and you are up the creek without a paddle for service … how about some Economics 101.  While unemployment is high at 9.6%, that means that 90.4% of us are working at something.  So look at your own job … where would you be if your product or service was “knocked-off” ?  That is what if someone came along and in a cheap and superficial way took away the business that you are in, no matter if you are an employee or an employer ?  You would be devastated … regardless of your postion in your company, most of us are hard working individuals trying to make a difference in our product or service by being innovative and supporting our customers.  Those are all costs of doing business … and those “knock-off” guys don’t care about any of that.  So the next time you are making a purchase of a wrist watch or for that matter ANY item … DON’T support those that could care less about supporting you !!!  Thanks, for letting me rant … I feel better now :-) !!!!!