Gift Ideas For Guys

“You’re not gonna pick up any girls wearin’ a digital watch”

TCharlie-Jakehat’s what Charlie Harper said to his nephew Jake Harper anyway.  And you know what, I think he’s right.  With all deference to digital watches and as an owner of an original Pulsar digital watch, I just don’t think a digital watch cuts it with the women.  If you are in the market for a watch that is a conversation piece at Ridiculously Low Holiday Pricing, then take a look at the Môntrèk CR-1 Chronographs.  This Special Offer will only last with our current supply so head on over to to take advantage … let the insanity begin :-) !!!!!

As Chubby Checker said in the song Limbo Rock, “How low can you go ?”

It used to be that watches could be classified as “Water Proof” but in these days of political correctness, I suppose that the concept that a watch could actually guarantee that water would not get in was just too much for manufacturers to be responsible for and thus the current terminology of “Water Resistance”.  So what is the magic of water resistance ?  Well … as with most things in the watch world, that depends.  For instance, if your watch is rated for 50 meters, I would not suggest that you do anything other than working up a good sweat with your watch on.  At 100 meters your limitation is probably the shower :-) and 300 meters will get you some scuba diving but don’t go too deep as helium buildup could cause your watch to explode.  So if you want a great watch that is really a “dive” watch to 1000 meters with a helium escape valve, check this out.  And on a completely different “note”, if you want to hear Chubby Checker’s Limbo Rock click here.

How big is yours ?

Watch-SizeOh, c’mon now my friends … you know I am talking about your watch :-) LOL.  Many people think our Môntrèk Watches are fairly large but a survey done by watch enthusiast/critic Ariel Adams shows thatMôntrèk is right in the “sweet spot” of what people are looking for.  The good news is that regardless of your taste, there is something available to fit your needs.  The watch industry has to be one of the most prolific industries when it comes to variety of models.  However, if you are looking for that special gift for Father’s Day, an upcoming Graduation, any other occasion, or you are just on the prowl for a new timepiece … we suggest you go here.

Made in Italy

UnderwoodSo what does that conjure up for you ? Italian craftsmanship is known throughout the world and I’m not just talkin’ Sistine Chapel craftsmanship either. Italian history has a long list of all types of artisans from architects to artists. But not to dismiss history, Italy also is know for the quality of products even today and one of the specialties that is know worldwide is Italian leather goods. So what does this have to do with watches you may ask ? Can you imagine the combination of fine Italian leather craftsmanship and Swiss engineering ? THAT would make a GREAT product !!!!! Now that may sound like wishful thinking but it is really reality. Just take a look at Underwood Watch Winders and you will see the melding of these fantastic ingredients. So for that deserving Dad or Grad, consider the ultimate gift in a Underwood Watch Winder.

Impress Your Boss … Wear a Watch

BossDoesn’t that sound easy ? I know, it also sounds a little self serving but if it works, why would you care ? So why do I think it works ? Well, the other day I went into the office and I had worked myself up into a fever pitch over the previous few days to ask for a raise. I marched myself right into the boss’s office … well, let’s say I asked his secretary if she could ask him if he had a minute. So I’m giving him my song and dance on why I deserve a raise and he interrupts me to comment on myMôntrèk Round Watch with PVD Coating. Yea, I know we sell these watches but I think he was surprised that I actually owned one and he commented on how business-like it looked and viola, a raise. Now I know you think that is all probably a crock and I don’t think, by any stretch of the imagination, I got that raise only because of my Môntrèk, but I do know that any edge is an edge. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this article: Your Body at Work: A Guide to Sight-reading the Body Language of Business, Bosses and Boardrooms” by David Givens. Everything you do means something: the shoulder shrug, the pursed lips, hands on hips, and more. So what about wrist watches you ask ? From the article, “Many young people no longer wear wristwatches, since their cell phones tell the time. Givens says this is a mistake in many workplaces, since a watch is a symbol of respect for time.” So make that wish for a raise come true … work hard, be productive, and for that little extra edge to put you over the top, don’t forget to wear your Môntrèk Watch.

Neutral Dive Gear: Affordable, Appealing Dive Gear and Clothing For Men and Women

While we can’t help but feel the Dive Watch is the most interesting piece of dive gear out there, we also recognize that there are quite a few other essentials! We’re always on the lookout to see what companies are coming up with, and we wanted to take a minute to give a shout-out to a company that never fails to have affordable diving lifestyle clothes and accessories – Neutral Dive Gear.

Right now we’re nothing short of obsessed with their Darkfin Scuba Diving Gloves. Not only are these gloves an awesomely advanced product, but quite simply, they look really futuristic in a sensational ‘Spider-Man Goes Scuba Diving’ sort of way. (Feel free to run with the idea, Marvel!) We’re also loving the Men’s Crossed Tanks Hooded Sweatshirt, embellished with a cooler-than-cool logo that lets the world know you’re a diver whether you’re warming up on the docks, or waiting in line at Dick’s! The Neutral Dive Gear Logo Hooded Sweatshirt for women is also a fantastic find, especially since it’s just $25 right now.

We hope you’ll love as much as we do, and encourage you to also check out their Scuba Diving Blog for great posts about all things scuba. Let us know what your favorite dive sites and blogs are in the comments so we can scope them out and share them with everyone!

Making A Môntrèk Diver Watch Part Of Your Destination Present

Beach-300x200For all the wonderful things there are in the world, it is of course not the tangible things that matter most. It is the time spent with those we love – the hours enjoyed embracing a warm, relaxing Saturday in the sun – the little moments that have barely begun before we realize we’ll remember them forever. These are the building blocks of a life well-lived. And with this in mind, many people are turning to gifting ‘event’ presents, such as a day at the spa, or ‘destination’ presents, such as a weekend away, in lieu of large, physical presents. If you are among this growing group of gift-givers, but still want to give something special they can enjoy long after the day at the spa is over or bags unpacked, consider a Môntrèk Diver Watch.

A gift as grand as a vacation is usually given by someone very close to the recipient, such as a parent, lifelong friend or spouse. And while most of us would gladly take a vacation gift from anyone, it is these people that know us best! If the giftee is a fan of diving or swimming, a selection from our Diver Watch collection makes an especially on-point gift. A theme gift is always fun to give and receive, and even more weight can be added to the equation if the vacation will include time in the water, whether it be wading in the hotel pool, or taking to the sea for some scuba diving.

In our last blog post, we talked about a fun way to incorporate quotes into the event of gift-giving. Taking inspiration from that idea, an exciting way to make the destination present even more exciting is to flip the ‘open the card first’ rule on its head. Ask that they open the present first, and the card after. Thinking they have already received the star of the birthday show, they’ll be doubly-surprised to open a card with plane tickets inside.

For the sentiment inside, have fun with it! Some ideas for what you might write are:

  • I didn’t want a watch that can be worn up to 1000 meters deep to never see water beyond the bathroom. So I kind of had to book us a trip to Costa Rica. I hope you don’t mind!
  • If you think the time on the watch is wrong – you’re wrong! I just set it to Aruba time.
  • I was going to leave your new Diver Watch at the bottom of the hotel pool in California, but I was afraid someone would find it before you get there. In a week. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Give Him The Gift Of Time For His Birthday

QuotesIs the man in your life a fan of the finer things? Do you want to give him a gift of luxury for his birthday that is also priceless? How do you feel about famous quotes? We promise – that last question is relevant! Suzette, a close friend of ours, wanted to gift her husband Dan with a black Môntrèk Round Diver Watch for his birthday. But as a creative person who is well-known to her family and friends for her unique ideas, simply handing him a watch box with a bow was not an option! So she created a treasure hunt for her husband, with a famous quote serving as a clue each step of the way. She shared her fun idea with us so that we might share it with you. And we will…

Quote #1 In The Car: Suzette didn’t want her husband’s treasure hunt to begin until he left for work, so she didn’t leave any clues in their home. When he got into the car, he found this quote, printed out and taped to his steering wheel: “Don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.” Some people may have been confused by a quote taped to their steering wheel, but in their many years together, this was exactly the sort of surprise Dan was used to!

Quote #2 On The Office Door: Suzette had made a stop at Dan’s office the day before to tape the second quote to his office door after he left for the day. When Dan arrived at the office, the quote he found was: “Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.” And go in Dan did. If you suspect that he found another quote taped to his computer monitor, your suspicions are correct!

Quote #3 On The Computer Monitor: Suzette was forever reminding Dan to take more control of his day, and to stop being overly nice and letting people expect immediate answers to any question they might have. She loves about Dan that he’s so caring and considerate, but is bothered that he can sometimes let people take advantage of this. As a gentle reminder before his workday began, she used this quote about time: “Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.”

Quote #4 In Dan’s Lunch: Feeling that after Quote #3, some levity was in order, Suzette dropped a slip of paper with the following quote into Dan’s lunch bag: “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

Quote #5 On His Gum: Knowing that Dan keeps a pack of gum in his desk drawer, and that he always chews a piece after lunch, Suzette taped the following quote to Dan’s gum: “There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself.”

Quote #6 On The Front Door At Home: The last words of wisdom at the end of Dan’s quote-filled day were found on the front door when he arrived home. Saving the best for last, Suzette wrapped it all up with: “Life is all about timing…the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable…attainable. Have the patience, wait it out. It’s all about timing.” And when Dan opened the door, it was time for the box and the bow after all. Cupped in Suzette’s hands was the Môntrèk Round
Diver Watch
Dan didn’t even know was awaiting him all this ‘time’!

A Push Present for the New Dad

Just as my friends Sean and Kathy opened my eyes to the trend of buying your new spouse a special wedding gift, they have opened my eyes once again to the ‘push present’. If you aren’t familiar with the push present, it is typically a luxurious gift bestowed upon the new mother from her partner. If you have ever witnessed the myriad trials a woman undergoes throughout pregnancy and labor, you already know why she deserves a present! With that in mind, I didn’t give a second thought to Kathy’s gift from Sean. But what did surprise me was that Kathy gave Sean a push present as well.

Don’t worry, there were no medical miracles you didn’t hear about! While Sean didn’t actually do any pushing of his own in the delivery room, he did do a lot of pulling his own weight in the months preceding their little girl’s arrival. Chores that they once shared became much more difficult for Kathy to tackle in the last few months of her pregnancy, so Sean stepped up his game and took care of everything that would put undue strain on his wife. He began cooking dinner more often, taking out the trash without being asked, actually cleaning instead of just stuffing everything under the couch or bed – he became a really amazing husband! He pushed himself harder so she didn’t have to, making her life and pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable than it might have been. The old saying goes, “A happy wife is a happy life,” and in this case it also made for a healthy wife, as Kathy was able to follow doctor’s orders to relax more often and not lift heavy objects. I can’t think of a better gift he could have given her than to ensure she and their child were safe, but he went ahead and added the gift of a luxury handbag he knew she wanted. Yeah, Sean is one of those husbands that make the rest of us look bad. But he’s also one of those husbands that got a push present!

We aren’t suggesting that you should take better care of your pregnant partner just so she’ll buy you something; you should be helping her in any way possible, present or no present. But if you’ve had your eye on a Môntrèk Divers Watch for awhile, and you know she’s been searching for the perfect gift for you, dropping a few hints might not be a bad idea. You know, go to the page of the watch you like best and casually walk away from the computer for an hour. Perhaps you’ve pulled up one of our Black Diver Watches. You can add certainty to your selection by writing a note next to the computer reminding yourself to ask for this watch for your birthday or Christmas. Or bookmark the page. Or say, “Wow, that’s awesome,” and go grab a glass of water. Get creative! After all, she’s got enough on her mind right now, and helping her choose your push present is just another way you can reduce the stress in her life. See what a great guy you are?!

A Best Man’s Gift That Won’t Gather Dust

If you’re like most soon-to-be-married men, your soon-to-be-married brain is likely swimming with a complicated mix of thoughts. One moment everything is, “I can’t believe the coolest woman I know is going to be my wife,” and the next, “I’m going to have to use a hamper every day for the rest of my life. Sometimes I want to leave my clothes on the floor. Am I really ready to give that up?” The fact is, you are ready. Ready to use a hamper, ready to open a refrigerator every morning that contains more than beer and condiments, ready to give up the bachelor life and be a good husband, even if that means scented candles will become a part of your every day. That doesn’t mean that you are ready for the actual wedding, however! But someone who is likely helping you on that path to ready is your Best Man.

Whether your Best Man is your brother, your closest childhood friend, or your college roommate, chances are they are a huge part of some of your best memories. Naturally, you’ll want them to be standing by your side as your bride-to-be walks slowly down the aisle with life on the married side just moments away. But there’s a lot of preparing to get you to the point where you’re nervously shuffling your feet at the altar. Everything from choosing tuxedos to choosing the alcohol you’ll have at the reception takes time and patience, and your best man is there to help make your decisions easier and your sailing smoother.

So how to thank him? In the past you may have shown gratitude by letting him have one of your chicken nuggets or letting him use the PlayStation controller that works better than the other one. And while those gestures will likely never lose their appeal, for something as important as being your Best Man in your wedding, you have to up the ante a smidge. And no, we don’t mean you should give him two of your chicken nuggets! We’re thinking something more along the lines of a Môntrèk Diver Watch. A gift that is sure to surprise him in its luxury and thoughtfulness…a gift he’s certain to appreciate every day he slips it on his wrist…a gift that lets him know that no matter what happens or where your lives take you, you’ll always make time for your best friend.