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“You’re not gonna pick up any girls wearin’ a digital watch”

TCharlie-Jakehat’s what Charlie Harper said to his nephew Jake Harper anyway.  And you know what, I think he’s right.  With all deference to digital watches and as an owner of an original Pulsar digital watch, I just don’t think a digital watch cuts it with the women.  If you are in the market for a watch that is a conversation piece at Ridiculously Low Holiday Pricing, then take a look at the Môntrèk CR-1 Chronographs.  This Special Offer will only last with our current supply so head on over to to take advantage … let the insanity begin :-) !!!!!

Checking the Time on Your Cell Phone could be Costly

They say (I always wonder who “They” really are :-) LOL) that the cell phone is killing the watch business.  Beyond the fact of that statement not being true, here is a solution for you … if you are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, or the Sheik of your country of choice.  The Celsius X VI II Papillon LeDIX is your answer … just hope no one asks you for the name of your phone … Droid or iPhone seem so much simpler.  But simplicity just is not the watchword of this uh watch or phone or watch phone or phone watch or well just look at the picture.  The “standard” edition “flip-phone” made of titanium with ebony wood inserts and a flying tourbillion watch on the cover which winds by opening and closing the phone goes for a mere $400,000.00 (no … there is no typo on all those zeros).  If you are able to even consider the Celsius X VI II Papillon LeDIX then I suggest you pair it up with the Zafirro Iridium Razor with platinum screws and sapphire blades … limited quantity of 99 for only $100,000.00.  Do I hear BIC Disposable :-) LOL.  We can dream but if you want to go in style and still be able to buy groceries, check THIS out !!!

How big is yours ?

Watch-SizeOh, c’mon now my friends … you know I am talking about your watch :-) LOL.  Many people think our Môntrèk Watches are fairly large but a survey done by watch enthusiast/critic Ariel Adams shows thatMôntrèk is right in the “sweet spot” of what people are looking for.  The good news is that regardless of your taste, there is something available to fit your needs.  The watch industry has to be one of the most prolific industries when it comes to variety of models.  However, if you are looking for that special gift for Father’s Day, an upcoming Graduation, any other occasion, or you are just on the prowl for a new timepiece … we suggest you go here.

Made in Italy

UnderwoodSo what does that conjure up for you ? Italian craftsmanship is known throughout the world and I’m not just talkin’ Sistine Chapel craftsmanship either. Italian history has a long list of all types of artisans from architects to artists. But not to dismiss history, Italy also is know for the quality of products even today and one of the specialties that is know worldwide is Italian leather goods. So what does this have to do with watches you may ask ? Can you imagine the combination of fine Italian leather craftsmanship and Swiss engineering ? THAT would make a GREAT product !!!!! Now that may sound like wishful thinking but it is really reality. Just take a look at Underwood Watch Winders and you will see the melding of these fantastic ingredients. So for that deserving Dad or Grad, consider the ultimate gift in a Underwood Watch Winder.

“Men Will Be Earning Their Stripes This Summer”

StripesI am not renowned for my sartorial splendor :-) LOL but I thought this article by Jessica Michault was interesting. It seems that one of the upcoming trends for men this season is “Pajama Stripes”. The best way to describe this is a wide “flopsy mopsy” style stripe. Of course if you look at these pictures it will all make sense. Personally, I am a big fan of stripes … they are the men’s equivalent of women’s high heels. “Huh ?” you are probably thinking with your nose are screwed up. Really, men’s stripes and women’s high heels are like and instant 5 to 10 pound diet (of course only if you need one :-) LOL) by creating a more streamlined look to your body. But I digress :-) … so for fashion and style info of all kinds, don’t be afraid to peruse Jessica’s website. And if you are looking for style accessories for any outfit or occasion, click here.

We Agree … Uh, Mostly …

Click on Picture for Video Review

Click on Picture for Video Review

We were quite pleased when Ariel Adams (ABlogToReadAbout) decided to review the Môntrèk Black Square Diver Watch. He always gives each watch he reviews a fair shake and respects the fact that time and talent has gone into the product regardless of the size of the manufacturer. So like the title says, we agree with him … mostly. The only comment that we feel differently about would be his “wish” for a Swiss Movement. Beyond the additional cost of a Swiss movement that YOU would have to pay, I don’t see any Swiss manufacturers offering anything similar to our exclusive 10 year warranty. Of course our 10 year warrantycovers more than just the movement and stands as our confidence in the extreme quality and build in all our Môntrèk Watches. So thanks again Ariel for taking the time to review our product – We Agree … Uh, Mostly :-) LOL !!!!!

I agree with Stephen Urquhart

I really do !!! So who is Stephen Urquhart ? He’s the president of Omega and we were chatting at Baselworld … OK, we weren’t really chatting at Baselworld or anywhere else for that matter but I did read this article on Bloomberg Business Week. I know what you are thinking, “Hey, aren’t you a Môntrèk guy?” Yea, I love my Môntrèk but I do have an Omega also. In any event Stephen Urquhart said wearing a watch is like “walking around with a sculpture on your wrist, or a painting, or a poem or a book.” That might be a little bit of hyperbole but I guess if you are wearing one of their $500,000.00 watches you are entitled. The point is that there are many ways today to have accurate time so your watch needs to serve an additional purpose. You will always be making a fashion and lifestyle statement that you can be proud of with your Môntrèk !!!

10 Cutting-Edge and High-Tech Wrist Watches

Cutting-EdgeWhile I was “rummaging around” the internet, I came across this article “10 Cutting-Edge and High-Tech Wrist Watches” and thought readers might be interested. Being as all knowledgeable as we are (Ahem, Cough, Cough) about the watch industry you will note that a few of the watches in this article we have covered in earlier posts. My personal interest in the article is that it appeared on a general style website rather than a watch aficionado website. This just goes to the idea that we continually talk about … your watch – it’s not just for telling time. Your watch is equally important as a statement about who you are. So what statement are you making ? If one of the watches in this article is you, then good for you … maybe :-) LOL. Me … I like my statement to be a little more traditional with an edge.

“Become a Watch Expert in Seconds”

Mens-HealthIf you like to read about watches, stay up to date on what is happening in the industry, or just present yourself as a watch maven … of course, you MUST read the Môntrèk Watches Blog. Besides that being the truth, if I don’t give us a plug the Boss will be, let’s just say “unhappy” :-) LOL. But other than the Môntrèk Watches Blog, one of the best watch resources on the web is Ariel Adam’ OK, I am really not here to shill for Ariel Adams but the reason I mentioned him is because I came across this interesting article he helped write that appeared in Men’s Health, “Become a watch expert in seconds”. Now before you go off critiquing the article, if you own several watches with major complications or you have multiple winders or a winder safe built into your walk-in closet (we recommend Underwood (
London) for ANY of your winder needs by the way), this article is NOT for you. Enjoy !!!

New Môntrèk Models NOW Available

Question-MarksThere is a catch though. The only way you can see one (at this moment) is by going to ourFacebook Page starting Monday. That’s right … you can’t see it at Barney’s or Bloomingdalesor any of our other Great Retailers (yet) but, as I said, you can check it out on our Facebook Page. And even MORE IMPORATNTLY … the ONLY way you can get one is for FREE … that is not a misprint, for FREE !!!. The contest starts on Monday, February 7, 2011 so be sure to enterhere. When was the last time YOU had a chance to be the first one in the whole WORLD to have a NEW WATCH MODEL of your very own for FREE ?  Starting Monday is just that time … don’t miss out on this opportunity !!!!!