Cannondale Cycling

Travis-Livermon-300x225Thinking a Môntrèk Diver Watch would look just as nice on the golf course, basketball court, or hiking trail as it does in the deep blue sea? You aren’t alone. We have packed enough fashion and features into our men’s watch collection to ensure there’s an appealing style for everyone, whatever their favorite pastime. And we were pleased to find our commitment to a wide appeal did not go unnoticed when our watches hit a chord with the Cannondale Bicycling Team, of which we are an excited sponsor! Some of the strongest, most talented athletes of our time, the Cannondale team is reaching new heights with determination and dedication in their hearts and minds, and Môntrèk Watcheson their wrists!

In the photo above you’ll see Travis Livermon, who is currently traveling with the US National Team. This shot was taken while Livermon warmed up in Europe for a World Cup Event. We can’t help but notice how awesomely his Môntrèk Diver Watch complements his uniform! Surely, he takes First Place for style. :)