We need more parishioners

Church-PeweesLabor Day weekend in the “States” and I am catching up on a stack of magazines.  I saw an editorial comment regarding the subject of the USA being a “mature” market for “fine” watches.  The editorial went on to say that it was really the industry’s doing (I will avoid the word “fault”) that this was the case as the major “fine” brands focus so heavily on a relatively small market of watch enthusiasts.  Understandably it takes the ability to make a financial commitment to fall into the category of watch enthusiasts as described in this article, but as much as I agree with the premises, I do disagree with the intent.  It seems that this popular watch enthusiasts magazine has defined the matter from the point of view of VERY expensive brands that are affordable by only a relative few.  So what about the rest of us … I guess we are destined to be watch industry cast offs and perhaps not even allowed to wear a watch because we cannot meet the financial criteria.  Fortunately, as usual, the “fine” watch industry missies the “proving ground” for many of their customers.  You can still be a “collector” and not spend an arm and a leg as many stores, brands, and shows like ShopNBC have proven.  And I’ll bet many of these collectors eventually make a purchase of one of those “fine” watch brands that have ignored them.  Dear “fine” watch brands don’t keep looking down at us … you are welcome that we are doing your job for you … we are developing the new parishioners !!!

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