Is it morning already

MuteWatchSo your alarm rings in the morning to get you up and startles “the heck” out of your … wife, husband, partner, significant other, dog, cat … who doesn’t need to be awakened in the late stages of moonlight like you do.  So you both (having chosen the most politically correct combo from the aforementioned list) start the day out grousing about the time before you have gotten your feet to the floor.  Does this sound YOUR morning ?  Well here is the solution … the Mutewatch.  This interesting bit of craftsmanship from Sweden will wake you up will a vibration on your wrist rather than the alarm clock that wakes up the whole neighborhood.  And of course you could also set the vibrating alarm to remind you of appointments during the day.  So if you must get up without disturbing the peace, this may just be the solution for you.  And a BIG thanks to bunnyBISOUS for bringing this tidbit to my attention.

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