Won’t Get Fooled Again

Scott-RothsteinBefore you read the rest of this post, turn up the volume on your computer and click on this link:  The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again.  OK, now that I have set the mood let’s talk about Scott Rothstein.  You don’t know who Scott Rothstein is ?  Well let me put it to you this way … Bernie Madoff was his idol.  If Madoff was the king of ponzi schemers then Rothstein is at least the court jester.  And while Rothstein was know to have ripped off enough people to even have a gold toilet seat in his house (I guess the court jester was actually king of his own throne :-) LOL), he apparently had exquisite taste in his almost 200 piece watch collection (check out the accompanying picture) which will all be put up for auction.  So now it is your opportunity to take advantage of the ponzi schemer.  However, if these watches are out of your financial league, as they are out of mine … you may want to start here.


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