Made in Italy

UnderwoodSo what does that conjure up for you ? Italian craftsmanship is known throughout the world and I’m not just talkin’ Sistine Chapel craftsmanship either. Italian history has a long list of all types of artisans from architects to artists. But not to dismiss history, Italy also is know for the quality of products even today and one of the specialties that is know worldwide is Italian leather goods. So what does this have to do with watches you may ask ? Can you imagine the combination of fine Italian leather craftsmanship and Swiss engineering ? THAT would make a GREAT product !!!!! Now that may sound like wishful thinking but it is really reality. Just take a look at Underwood Watch Winders and you will see the melding of these fantastic ingredients. So for that deserving Dad or Grad, consider the ultimate gift in a Underwood Watch Winder.

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