As Chubby Checker said in the song Limbo Rock, “How low can you go ?”

It used to be that watches could be classified as “Water Proof” but in these days of political correctness, I suppose that the concept that a watch could actually guarantee that water would not get in was just too much for manufacturers to be responsible for and thus the current terminology of “Water Resistance”.  So what is the magic of water resistance ?  Well … as with most things in the watch world, that depends.  For instance, if your watch is rated for 50 meters, I would not suggest that you do anything other than working up a good sweat with your watch on.  At 100 meters your limitation is probably the shower :-) and 300 meters will get you some scuba diving but don’t go too deep as helium buildup could cause your watch to explode.  So if you want a great watch that is really a “dive” watch to 1000 meters with a helium escape valve, check this out.  And on a completely different “note”, if you want to hear Chubby Checker’s Limbo Rock click here.

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