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Don’t get screwed … get blued screws

Blue-ScrewsOne feature that I really like on automatic watches is an exposed movement where you can see the real timekeeping taking place.  This may sound a little childish but it is mesmerizing to me to watch the “action” and know that all the parts are working in unison to create the proper time on the face of the watch.  Maybe I am easily humored but it seems to me that the fact that all the parts in a watch work at all is close to a miracle.  One of the aesthetic features of some watches are blued screws in the movement.  While these blued screws do not serve any technical enhancement, they can be attractive.  And NO, someone does not sit with a blue felt tip pen and dab the heads of the screws :-) LOL.  Actually, the process is complicated and does add to expense of your desired watch.  Now I know some of you are saying “I did get screwed by my watch with blued screws because it never works right and the manufacturer screwed me blue on the repair.”  If that’s the case, check this out.

“Men Will Be Earning Their Stripes This Summer”

StripesI am not renowned for my sartorial splendor :-) LOL but I thought this article by Jessica Michault was interesting. It seems that one of the upcoming trends for men this season is “Pajama Stripes”. The best way to describe this is a wide “flopsy mopsy” style stripe. Of course if you look at these pictures it will all make sense. Personally, I am a big fan of stripes … they are the men’s equivalent of women’s high heels. “Huh ?” you are probably thinking with your nose are screwed up. Really, men’s stripes and women’s high heels are like and instant 5 to 10 pound diet (of course only if you need one :-) LOL) by creating a more streamlined look to your body. But I digress :-) … so for fashion and style info of all kinds, don’t be afraid to peruse Jessica’s website. And if you are looking for style accessories for any outfit or occasion, click here.

“O ye of little faith …”

It has been some time since an entry was made in “History of Time …” so let’s start where we left off last with the advent of “unmanned” time.  Before we move forward with the technical developments of time, it is equally interesting to understand the socio-economic forces that were at work during this gestational period of keeping track of time.  It seems like most people imagine that in the late 12th early 13th century that there were all these independent artisans slaving away at their benches trying to solve the riddle of keeping track of time.  Well, nothing could be farther from the truth.  The general population really had little use for tracking time other than the obvious sunrise, sunset, and meal times.  It was really “the Church” that had an interest in the precision operating day.  During the Middle Ages, monasteries were instrumental in time automation.  Monks and nuns spent countless hours praying for the salvation of the general population (that’s you and me :-) LOL) and therefore measuring time took on an importance that led to more precise time keeping … most notably the need to have “manned” time whereby someone had to turn an hour glass or watch a candle burn became history.  You just never know where time may lead you … it is not always what it seems !!!

And you thought Watches were boring ?

Erotic-WatchesLet’s face it, the watch industry is never thought of much as sensual or erotic.  Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock is the main feature on your watch.  Yes, some watches are designed to go underwater (dive watches) and some up in the sky (pilot watches) … and others are jam packed with features like day/date, tourbillions, moon phases, etc., etc.  No one that I know of has every said that a watch is sensual or erotic.  Now I know that those fancy designers will tell you all about the great “lines” of the watch but really.  When was the last time your wife/girlfriend/partner said to you “Baby, that watch really turns me on.”  I hope you are laughing as hysterically as I am (:-) ROTF LMAO).  But wait a minute … take a look at this or the picture on the right for two samples.  If you can’t tell what is going on drop me an email and I will get back to you about “The Birds and the Bees”.  Hmmmmm … while not that often, I guess a watch can be erotic :-)

Papier, Carta, 紙

No matter the language, it says “paper”.  So what does paper have to do with watches ?  Manufactures have been experimenting with all types of materials over the years to incorporate in watches including gold, silver, diamonds, and many other types of precious metals and stones including all the way to moon dust.  Of course for most of us, the more of those ingredients the less likely we will own one and for some reason that is just the way many watch manufacturers want it (that commentary is for another day :-) LOL).  But for you and me, here is a great looking watch that you can own several of without breaking the bank and yes, the main material is paper.  I don’t usually mention brands by name but in this case I suggest you go to the Patch Watchwebsite for more information and the website is pretty “awesome”, “cool”, “rad” or “groovie” depending on where you are in life :-) LOL.  Me, as you might expect … I like something a little more traditional but edgy.

We Agree … Uh, Mostly …

Click on Picture for Video Review

Click on Picture for Video Review

We were quite pleased when Ariel Adams (ABlogToReadAbout) decided to review the Môntrèk Black Square Diver Watch. He always gives each watch he reviews a fair shake and respects the fact that time and talent has gone into the product regardless of the size of the manufacturer. So like the title says, we agree with him … mostly. The only comment that we feel differently about would be his “wish” for a Swiss Movement. Beyond the additional cost of a Swiss movement that YOU would have to pay, I don’t see any Swiss manufacturers offering anything similar to our exclusive 10 year warranty. Of course our 10 year warrantycovers more than just the movement and stands as our confidence in the extreme quality and build in all our Môntrèk Watches. So thanks again Ariel for taking the time to review our product – We Agree … Uh, Mostly :-) LOL !!!!!

I agree with Stephen Urquhart

I really do !!! So who is Stephen Urquhart ? He’s the president of Omega and we were chatting at Baselworld … OK, we weren’t really chatting at Baselworld or anywhere else for that matter but I did read this article on Bloomberg Business Week. I know what you are thinking, “Hey, aren’t you a Môntrèk guy?” Yea, I love my Môntrèk but I do have an Omega also. In any event Stephen Urquhart said wearing a watch is like “walking around with a sculpture on your wrist, or a painting, or a poem or a book.” That might be a little bit of hyperbole but I guess if you are wearing one of their $500,000.00 watches you are entitled. The point is that there are many ways today to have accurate time so your watch needs to serve an additional purpose. You will always be making a fashion and lifestyle statement that you can be proud of with your Môntrèk !!!

The Land of the Rising Sun

Surely you have noted that I stick to watches in these blog posts … no religion or politics. That is not to say that I don’t have opinions on those matters but rather that the watch community is so vast and heterogeneous that any discussions of that nature are better off left to the pundits. But occasionally there is an event that is so Brobdingnagian and cuts across all thought and opinion that to not comment is inhumane. Such is the disaster that has befallen Japan. It is almost unfathomable to me to understand the scope of the tragedy that has befallen this country. A magnitude 9.0 earthquake followed by a cataclysmic tsunami compounded by the possibility of a nuclear disaster at worst and a radiation problem at best makes many other problems that our world faces pale in comparison. With all that said, my hope is that the resiliency of the people of Japan combined with the effort of all of us around the world will help restore this country. But just in case you thought I forgot about the reason I am here, take a look Anna Marienko’s Japan Tribute Clock.

I’m just sayin’

We are NOT welocme :-(

We are NOT welocme :-(

I was just reading about the International Salon of High Horology show (SIHH) … that’s because I wasn’t invited :-)LOL. In any event, it seems that above and beyond the exquisite time pieces, the most important part about this show is that it is “closed-to-the-public”. That’s right … you and I cannot even sneak a peak even though we are footing the bill. I realize that most of us are never going to own a watch that is shown at these “exclusive” types of events but we do support the factories that make these exclusive timepieces by purchasing their “less expensive” product … so don’t you think we could be permitted to rub elbows and dream at such an event ? Really … No REALLY … I understand that there are security concerns and they don’t want all “tire kickers” but this is just what turns people off about the watch business. Many other industries conclude their shows with a day or at least a few hours “open to the public”. I don’t think the SIHH is dealing with national security ? Maybe the “hoity-toity” just can’t stand being around the “hoi polloi” like you and me … I’m just sayin’.

10 Cutting-Edge and High-Tech Wrist Watches

Cutting-EdgeWhile I was “rummaging around” the internet, I came across this article “10 Cutting-Edge and High-Tech Wrist Watches” and thought readers might be interested. Being as all knowledgeable as we are (Ahem, Cough, Cough) about the watch industry you will note that a few of the watches in this article we have covered in earlier posts. My personal interest in the article is that it appeared on a general style website rather than a watch aficionado website. This just goes to the idea that we continually talk about … your watch – it’s not just for telling time. Your watch is equally important as a statement about who you are. So what statement are you making ? If one of the watches in this article is you, then good for you … maybe :-) LOL. Me … I like my statement to be a little more traditional with an edge.